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Leaving a healthy mark on the church in Africa
Reflect what you teach

God has called elders to be men worth imitating. Elders should teach what they live and live what they teach. An Elder’s job involves shepherding by being as well as by doing. People should be able to look at an elder’s life and know how they should live their lives. Elders can only reflect what they preach through prayer. They can also only influence through the way they live through prayer.

Leading Together

Leading a church is a big responsibility. So why do it on your own? We look at what the Bible says about leading a church together as a plurality of elders. We go through a list of characteristics of what elders should do. But most importantly, we remind the elders that they are, first sheep themselves and then shepherds. You cannot be one without being the other.

Feeding and Keeping

We carry on looking at the functions of elders. We are looking at: 1. Feeding the sheep 2. Keeping the sheep Teaching, watching, and tracking down strays is a Jesus-shaped activity. It is interesting to see how both of these build on the previous session. Where we saw the elders should be involved in the sheep’s lives. Elders cannot feed the sheep if they are not in their lives. They cannot keep them either if they do not know where they are.

Can you do the job?

You find that you are qualified, but can you do the job? In this video, we start looking at what the function of an elder is. Jesus told His disciples to protect, feed, and love His sheep. We look at how practically elders in a church can fulfil this command.

Do you Qualify?

We are starting with a new series. Looking at Church Leadership. If you’re not a leader these videos are still for you. The better you know what Church Leaders should do, the better you can pray and support them. Being an elder in a church is Biblical. God looks after His church through the work of qualified men. In this video, we look at the six qualifications of a church leader.

How should we eat?

We should eat in light of the Gospel and with the family of the Gospel. The Lord’s Supper serves as an appetizer for the banquet one day with the Lord Jesus. In this session, we look at how the church should partake in the Lord’s Supper. We also help the individual prepare for the Supper. We all can do the following as we partake. We look at the cross We look around We look ahead We look inward

What’s for Supper?

In this session, we are looking a little deeper into what the Lord’s Supper is and what it makes us. “The Lord’s Supper is a church’s act of communing with Christ and each other and of commemorating Christ’s death by partaking of bread and wine, and a believer’s act of receiving Christ’s benefits and renewing his or her commitment to Christ and His people, thereby making the church one body and marking it off from the world” Bobby Jamieson.

What is on the Table?

In this new exciting series, we look at the Lord’s Supper. We see the first institution of the supper as far back as in Exodus. Just like the Passover did for Israel, the Lord’s Supper defines the identity of the church and therefore the membership of the church. The Lord’s Supper basically resembling three truths. 1. It marks the birth of a new nation. 2. It serves as a reminder of what God has done. 3. It shows us a family meal. This means that the Lord’s Supper defines God’s new people in Christ. They all celebrate it, and no one else should.

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