What is the Gospel?

There are different ideas of what the Gospel is. We will be looking at this question and answering it looking at what the Bible says the Gospel is. We are taking our lead from the book “What is the Gospel” written by Greg Gilbert and published by Crossway.

God the righteous creator?

Every one of us is the result of God’s plan, idea, and action.

What is the Gospel? Part 3: Man

Do you classify your sins? Ranking them from bad to worse. We need to start looking at sin for what it really is. Sin, no matter how big it is, is a breaking in our relationship with God. It’s breaking of a relationship, and even more, it is a rejection of God Himself – a rejection of God’s rule, God’s care, God’s authority, and God’s right to command those to whom He gave life. In short, it is the rebellion of the creature against his Creator”

Christ in the gospel message

No ritual, no amount of money, and no amount of good works can save us. Only Christ and His righteousness can save us. Only Christ can do this for us because He is completely God and complete man. Praise God for His love, grace, and mercy. Praise Him for His work on earth, on the cross, in the grave, and now in heaven. “His death, my life”.

Gospel: Response Part 1

There are two aspects of our human response to the Gospel. One is faith and the other is repentance. We cannot do either without the work of the Holy Spirit, but there is a human responsibility. Is this video we look at the first aspect, faith. What is faith and how does it fit into the Gospel story? This is what we will look at in this video. The shortest definition of faith would be relying on something or someone else other than yourself. It is like jumping out of an airplane and putting your faith in the parachute. Faith is not blind faith in something that you can’t prove.